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Connect Raspberry Pi with Mobile Screen | Android | VNC Viewer

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Connect Raspberry Pi with Mobile Screen | Android | VNC Viewer - Connect Raspberry Pi with Mobile Screen | Android | VNC Viewer - Connect Raspberry Pi with Mobile Screen | Android | VNC Viewer - Connect Raspberry Pi with Mobile Screen | Android | VNC Viewer

Connect Raspberry Pi with Mobile Screen | Android | VNC Viewer

Android Apps makes our task easier. It makes the IoT more simple and everybody can have access to it Anytime and Anywhere. It is used in most of Home Automation apps nowadays.

We can access Raspberry Pi using different methods. But how can we use our Mobile phone to access the Raspberry Pi wirelessly? In this tutorial, we will see how to access your Raspberry Pi on Your Smartphone Display. It also supports virtual keyboard for texts inputs. All you need is a Raspberry Pi with Wi-Fi, Power Supply, SD Card and Android Smartphone. For Wi-Fi, you can use your own mobile hotspot too.

Software required:


  • Raspberry Pi with Wi-Fi
  • It should be connected to that network at least one time previously.
  • SSH enabled.
  • VNC enabled.

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Enabling SSH – Method 1 (Connected to same Wi-Fi Network at-least once)

To enable SSH via Android Phone you can use JuiceSSH App on Playstore. For this method, You need to find your Raspberry Pi IP Address first (See Step 2) and then use the IP Address on the Address field. All other settings remain default. Now connect your pi, enter login credentials as Username ‘pi’ and Password ‘raspberry’. After logged in type ‘vncserver’ and hit enter, accept security warning. Then continue to Step 3 to access GUI Desktop.

Enabling SSH – Method 2 (Not connected to same Wi-Fi Already)

If you are not connected to your Wi-Fi network for the first time and SSH, VNC is not enabled, check this tutorial to know how to setup Wi-Fi using the headless method. This is one time set up and doesn’t need to do it again and again.

Note: The Mobile phone and Raspberry Pi should be connected on the same Network. In this example, I used my Mobile Phone Hotspot; you can also use your Home router if you have.

Step 1: Download the two Android applications from Google Play Store.

1.Auto IP Android App

2.VNC Viewer Android App

Step 2: Now open Auto IP Scanner and note down the IP address.

3.IP Scanner scan

Step 3: Now open the VNC Viewer App. Tap the ‘+’ icon. Now it asks for IP Address. Enter the IP which you have got from Auto IP Scanner and Name your Pi whatever you like.

Example: The Pi IP Address is

IP Address:

Name: Pi

4.VNC New Connection

Step 4: Enter Pi credentials. Default Username is ‘pi’ and Password is ‘raspberry’.

5.Pi credentials

It will ask for identity check warning (one time). Just click on continue.


Now the Pi Desktop will show up on your Mobile Screen. You can click help on how to use the mouse and keyboard.

7.Connected to Pi

Now you can access your pi from your Android Smartphone wirelessly. Click on the help icon to see how to use the controls and gestures. It also has a virtual keyboard option to use your phone keypad for Raspberry Pi.

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Comments (2)

  • Jai

    Are you able to connect via host name? example raspberrypi.local:5900.

    July 9, 2019 at 8:57 AM
    • Sharath

      Not possible I think. Because in desktop also the hostname works only if bounjour is installed.

      July 9, 2019 at 10:16 AM

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