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Maker Points and Rewards – FactoryForward

What is Maker Points?

Being a maker, we would love to explore many technologies and we will be trying out many products. To motivate every maker, FactoryForward introduced a Reward System called ‘Maker Points”. Here you can earn maker points for every purchase and also can earn points by recommending us via a unique links that can be used in your YouTube Channel, Friends Group or Blogs, etc. to earn additional reward points. You can redeem your earned points as per your choice on your next order.

Eg: 1000 Maker Point is worth ₹1000

Note: User must have an user account in FactoryForward to track and redeem their points anytime. Guest checkout orders are not eligible for maker points.

Maker Points and Rewards - FactoryForward - Maker Points and Rewards - FactoryForward - Maker Points and Rewards - FactoryForward - Maker Points and Rewards - FactoryForward

What you will get rewarded for?

  • Earn 25 Maker Points (worth ₹25) for your First order at FactoryForward.
  • Get 50 Maker Points on your birthday.
  • Running a website, Blog or YouTube Channel? Refer our website and earn 25 Maker Points on First Order (after successful sale). They will also get ₹25 Points on First Order. 10 Points for Every Other Recommended Orders (via referral URL).
  • Get 5 Maker Points for share of our FactoryForward Website on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Get rewarded for each and every product you purchase on our website. Every ₹100 Spent you will get 1 Maker Point.
  • 2 x Rewards on special days and promotions.
  • Additional Exclusive Rewards for those who complete Level 1.

How to get referral link?

Add your Unique code at any product URL from our website. Navigate to My Account>My Points. There you will get a unique link for your account.

Example: https://www.factoryforward.com?wc-recommended=RGJLaExEcFdXM1NOL25hS1ZFQVdxQT09

The part after question mark is your unique ID ( ?wc-recommended=RGJLaExEcFdXM1NOL25hS1ZFQVdxQT09) can be attached to any URL of any product you are referring. Note: the given unique ID is for example, use yours found from the My Account Page.


To refer Raspberry Pi 4 8GB RAM Model. You can create referral URL Like below


Terms and Conditions:

  • Points for birthday credited automatically on the day of your birthday only when you login to FactoryForward.
  • Customer has to place an first order to earn ₹25 worth Maker Points.
  • Guest checkout users won’t get any maker points. User must have an user account in FactoryForward to earn and redeem their points.
  • Customer needs at least ₹100 order value to get points.
  • Maximum Spent of order value to get points is limited to ₹25000 per order.
  • Points will be removed if the order is cancelled or refunded.
  • Points earned will expire automatically if there is no activity (points earned) in between 180 Days (~6 Months). By making at least one purchase within 180 Days will preserve your maker points from expiry.
  • Earned points cannot be transferred to any bank accounts or given as cash. User can only redeem points during purchase only.
  • If FactoryForward observes any misuse or found any suspicious activities, FactoryForward has the right to disqualify the earned points from those activities or can ban the user from earning points.