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Difference between Raspberry Pi HDMI Port types

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Difference between Raspberry Pi HDMI Port types - Difference between Raspberry Pi HDMI Port types - Difference between Raspberry Pi HDMI Port types - Difference between Raspberry Pi HDMI Port types

Difference between Raspberry Pi HDMI Port types

Raspberry Pi 4B was launched recently and everyone is busy in grabbing their favorite Raspberry Pi’s. But many of them have some doubts regarding the HDMI Ports. Because the Raspberry Pi 4 comes with a micro HDMI Ports. And if you think the Pi Zero’s Adapter will work with that, then it is wrong (Pi Zero uses mini HDMI). Let’s see what are the different Raspberry Pi HDMI Ports available and what types of connectors are suitable.

Most of the TV’s and Desktop Monitors, Projectors nowadays comes with the Standard Female HDMI Ports. So a male to male HDMI Cables is used in those devices. When it comes to Raspberry Pi there are different Raspberry Pi models available and having different HDMI Ports.

Types of HDMI Connectors used in various Raspberry Pi Models:

Standard HDMI (Type – A) – For Raspberry Pi 1,2 and 3B Models

Mini HDMI (Type – C) – For Raspberry Pi Zero and Zero W Models

microHDMI (Type – D)– For Raspberry Pi 4 Models.



In the above image the A, B, C, D and E are mentioned as Types (Eg. Type – D is the port type in Raspberry Pi 4. It is also called as micro HDMI). Similarly, it is mentioned for other Pi Models in its product specifications.

So hope you should be aware of it before purchasing your Pi4 and its accessories. The standard HDMI Cables won’t fit into the new Pi 4 slots.

There are some adapters and connectors are available to convert these plug types. So even if you have a standard HDMI Cable you can grab all these connectors to easily switch between your different Raspberry Pi Boards.

Also, the Raspberry Pi is upgraded with Type-C USB Power Supply Port. There is also an adapter available to convert a micro USB adapter into Type-C Adapter. But it is recommended to use a 15W Power Supply to supply sufficient power for its additional Peripheral devices.

Raspberry Pi Accessories:

Micro HDMI to Standard HDMI (A/M) 1m Cable – For Raspberry Pi 4 micro HDMI to standard HDMI Ports.

HDMI Cable | Standard HDMI – Cable for Raspberry Pi 2, 3, 3B+ Models.

HDMI to mini HDMI Converter – Adapter to convert standard HDMI to Pi Zero and Zero W Models.

USB Type-C Adapter – For converting the micro USB Type-B Power supply to Type – C Power Supply.


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