60 RPM BO Motor – Straight | Single Shaft

60 RPM BO Motor – Straight | Single Shaft

60 RPM BO Motor – Straight | Single Shaft

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69.00 (58.47 + GST)

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This BO Motor is made up of silicon gear and it is light-weight. It gives good torque. BO Motors are called as Battery Operated motors. Hence it is used in many DIY Robotic applications that run on batteries. It can run on a 6v-9v battery. If you are using more than 1 motor in your project then you can use it with 12V Battery also.

It is suitable for line follower robots and a few of the project needs a slow RPM motor. Because it will be sturdy when following the line. It will have good torque also. For faster speed applications and torque is not a matter then you can use 150 RPM, 300 RPM BO Motors.

ATTENTION: Please choose suitable wheels. Given below are suitable wheels for this Motor.

Suitable Wheels:

Note: The Torque increases when the speed is decreased. So a low RPM(slow-speed) BO Motor has high torque (carry more load). If you want good torque and heavy-duty loads you have to look at Metal Gear DC Motors or Johnson Motors.

Features :

  1. Cost-effectiveness because of the injection-molding process.
  2. Low density: lightweight, low inertia.
  3. 60 RPM Speed.
  4. Uniformity of parts.
  5. Capability to absorb shock and vibration as a result of elastic compliance.
  6. Ability to operate with minimum or no lubrication, due to inherent lubricity.
  7. The relatively low coefficient of friction.
  8. Corrosion-resistance; elimination of plating, or protective coatings.
  9. The quietness of operation.
  10. Tolerances are often less critical than for metal gears, due in part to their greater resilience.
  11. Consistency with the trend to greater use of plastic housings and other components.

Package includes:

1 x 60 RPM Single Shaft BO Motor

Note: These Motors are available in three different colors i.e. Black, and White, Light Pink we will ship it randomly depending on availability.


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