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ABU ROBOCON 2021 Theme and Rulebook – Jimo, China

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ABU ROBOCON 2021 Theme and Rulebook - Jimo, China - ABU ROBOCON 2021 Theme and Rulebook - Jimo, China - ABU ROBOCON 2021 Theme and Rulebook - Jimo, China - ABU ROBOCON 2021 Theme and Rulebook - Jimo, China

ABU ROBOCON 2021 Theme and Rulebook – Jimo, China

ABU ROBOCON (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union Robot Contest) is a largest international robot contest celebrating it’s 20th anniversary ROBOCON at Jimo, China on this year (2021). The ABU ROBOCON brings us an exciting ancient game of china ‘Throwing Arrows into pot’ with the help of new technology using robots. The competing teams build their robots according to the rulebook and can participate in the contest. Refer the rulebook attached for more details.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the ABU ROBOCON 2021 is rescheduled to 22 August 2021 (Sunday). Additionally, they also conduct Online Competition as ‘Plan B’. There is two separate rulebooks provided for both Online (Plan ‘B’) and Offline Contest.


Title: ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest 2021 Jimo, China (Alias: ABU Robocon 2021 Jimo)

Organizer: ABU (Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union)

Host: ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest 2021 Jimo, China Host Organizing Committee (Shandong TV)

Contest Date: Sunday, 22 August 2021

Contest Venue: Jimo Chuangzhi New Area Sports Center.

Theme and Rules: Throwing Arrows into Pots ~The ABU Robocon 20th Anniversary Game~ Competition Method: Preliminary League and Final Tournament

Participants: To be confirmed in July 2021

Awards: ABU Robocon award, Grand Prix, 1st runner-up, 2nd Runner-ups, Best Idea Award, Best Engineering Award, Best Design Award, Special Awards.

In ancient China, a young man was crowned at the age of twenty, marking he was adult. On the day of the celebration, all of his friends and relatives had a joyous gathering together to bless his future and enjoy interesting games.

In 2021, ABU Robocon meets his 20th birthday. Let the robots companioning with us for 20 years come and have a wonderful game! Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Robocon! Bless Robocon be adult, and wish young friends to work hard, to advance and to be an early success!

“Throwing arrows into pots” is a traditional etiquette and game in ancient China. During the Spring/Autumn(770 BC-476 BC) and the Warring States(475 BC-221 BC) period, one of the manners of the leuds when entertaining guests is to invite guests to shoot arrows, called as “shooting rites “. At that time, the host asked the guest to shoot an arrow, and the guest could not refuse. Later, in order to enable guests who were really not good archery to participate in the game, they thrown arrows into wine pots instead, to make guests happy and practice etiquette. Over time, it has become a kind of hospitality and elegant game during banquets. It has spread for more than 2700 years and evolved from the original ritual activities to entertainment games. Although there are many changes in the way and rules of activity, the relationship with etiquette has not been completely cut off. How will the robot perform in the game field for throwing arrows into pots? We look forward to the wonderful performance of robots made by young engineers in Jimo, China! The game is between Red and Blue teams. It lasts three minutes at most

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