0.96inch I2C OLED Display Module

0.96inch I2C OLED Display Module

0.96inch I2C OLED Display Module

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285.00 (241.53 + GST)

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This is an OLED module with a screen size of 0.96″. It has four pins VCC, GND, SCL, SDA which can be used to interface with any microcontroller/microprocessor which can support I2C communication. You can use this device with Arduino and RaspberryPi as these devices support I2C communication. The quality of the product seems to be very good.

To get started with this device I found the following tutorials helpful:

With Arduino: http://www.instructables.com/id/Monochrome-096-i2c-OLED-display-with-arduino-SSD13/

With RaspberryPi: https://learn.adafruit.com/ssd1306-oled-displays-with-raspberry-pi-and-beaglebone-black/overview

SSD1306 Datasheet
OLED Panel Blue 0.96 Datasheet
OLED Interfacing Reference
OLED I2C Board Schematic

Specification :

Super high brightness (Adjustable)

Super high contrast (Adjustable)

Embedded driver/controller

Display size: 0.96″

Resolution: 128 x 64

Interface modes: I2C

working voltage: 3.3V


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