Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor Module JSN-SR04T

Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor Module JSN-SR04T

Waterproof Ultrasonic Sensor Module JSN-SR04T

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555.00 (470.34 + GST)

Waterproof Ultrasonic Module JSN-SR04T Water Proof Integrated Distance Measuring Transducer Sensor for Arduino.

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This Waterproof Ultrasonic Distance Sensor is an industrial grade sensor to measure distance. Interfacing with it is same as other cheap ultrasonic sensors, but it offers better performance and can be used in harsher environments and is waterproof too! It can be easily interfaced with Arduino.


Product Features:

  • Small size, easy to use.
  • Low voltage, low power consumption.
  • High accuracy
  • Strong anti-jamming
  • Integrated with wire enclosed waterproof probe, suitable for wet, harsh measurement occasions.


  • Operating voltage: DC 5V
  • Quiescent current: 5mA
  • Total current draw: 30mA
  • Frequency: 40khz
  • Range: 25cm to 450cm
  • Resolution: about 0.5cm
  • Beam Angle: less than 50 degrees
  • Working temperature: -10 ~ 70 Celsius
  • Storage temperature: -20 ~ 80 Celsius

Working Principle:

Turn on TRIG Pin to 5V for at least 10 microseconds via the Microcontroller. The module will then automatically send 8 40KHz tones and automatically detect when the signal return after reflecting back from the object. On detecting the signal, a HIGH level signal is sent through the ECHO Pin to the microcontroller. By keeping track of the time duration between transmitting and receiving the signal, the distance can be calculated.

The formula to calculate Distance:

Distance = (Time to Receive Reflected Signal * speed of sound (340M/S)) /2



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