L293D Motor Driver

L293D Motor Driver

L293D Motor Driver

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125.00 (105.93 + GST)

A Dual H-Bridge driver module with 5v regulated power output for sensors or external devices. Can be used to make robots with or without microcontrollers easily.

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L293D is a dual H-Bridge Motor Driver used to drive high current DC Motors like BO Motor, Geared DC Motors, etc. The purpose of this driver is to drive DC Motors from the low current IO Pins of microcontrollers like Arduino, 8051 and other AVR Boards. This module is specially designed to make line following robot, Object following robots, Light following robots and edge avoidance robots with or without microcontrollers.

Features and Specifications:

  • Dual H-Bridge L293D IC.
  • Terminals to drive two DC Motors.
  • Forward and Backward Controls.
  • 5 Volt regulated power output for external devices/sensors up to 800mA.
  • Separate Enable/Disable pins – also used for PWM Speed control.
  • Input voltage: 9v to 12v
  • Small tiny design – more space for other boards.
  • Can be mounted with screws on standard acrylic chassis.

5 Volt external power output:

A dedicated 7805 Voltage regulator is included in the module and has five +5v and GND pins for any external devices/sensors that need a power supply. So you don’t need to make an additional power circuit for this. You can power your 5v it via this and connect the control pins to control the motor directions.

Enable Pins:

Using enable pins you can Enable or Disable the Motors on both sides (Left and Right Motors). Using the same technique you can speed control the motors using PWM Signals via Arduino.

Control Pins:

It has control pins IN1,IN2, IN3 and IN4. Using these pins you can control the motors via Microcontrollers IO Pins. Two pins for each motors. When the polarity changes the direction of the motor will change.

Detailed Pin Description:

L293D-Driver-Layout-Small Details PWM


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