Raspberry Pi Global Shutter Camera (Official)

Raspberry Pi Global Shutter Camera (Official)

Raspberry Pi Global Shutter Camera (Official)

5,499.00 (4,660.17 + GST)

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5,499.00 (4,660.17 + GST)

  • Model: Global Shutter Camera
  • Sensor: Sony IMX296LQR-C (1.58 MP)
  • Useful for high-speed photography
  • Sensor size: 6.3mm sensor diagonal
  • Pixel size: 3.45μm × 3.45μm
  • Output: RAW10
  • IR Filter: Integrated
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 1/2/3/4 boards
Raspberry Pi Global Shutter Camera (Official)


Global Shutter camera is built around Sony’s 1.6-megapixel IMX296 sensor, the Global Shutter Camera is able to capture rapid motion without introducing rolling shutter artefacts. This makes it a great fit for sports photography, and for machine vision applications, where even small amounts of distortion can seriously degrade inference performance. More details here.

Why is this useful? Fast-moving objects, like those propeller blades, are now easy to capture; we can also synchronise several cameras to take a photo at precisely the same moment in time. There are plenty of benefits here, like minimising distortion when capturing stereo images. (The human brain is confused if any movement that appears in the left eye has not appeared in the right eye yet.) The Raspberry Pi Global Shutter Camera can also operate with shorter exposure times – down to 30µs, given enough light – than a rolling shutter camera, which makes it useful for high-speed photography.

The Global Shutter Camera’s image sensor has a 6.3mm diagonal active sensing area, which is similar in size to Raspberry Pi’s HQ Camera. However, the pixels are larger and can collect more light. Large pixel size and low pixel count are valuable in machine-vision applications; the more pixels a sensor produces, the harder it is to process the image in real time. To get around this, many applications downsize and crop images. This is unnecessary with the Global Shutter Camera and the appropriate lens magnification, where the lower resolution and large pixel size mean an image can be captured natively.


  1. Best-in-class Sony IMX296LQR-C camera Sensor
  2. Includes a C- to CS-mount adapter
  3. 3.45μm × 3.45μm providing high light sensitivity
  4. Best Suited for fast motion photography and to machine vision applications
  5. Integrated IR cut filter
Package Includes:
1 x Raspberry Pi Global Shutter Camera (Official)

1 x C- to CS-mount adapter

1 x Screwdriver


Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Global Shutter Camera (Official)


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