LDNIO 5V 2.4A Raspberry Pi Power Supply


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Product Description

LDNIO 5V 2.4A  Raspberry Pi power supply is the best adapter for Raspberry Pi products. We have more than 10000 units and never faced any issues.

To connect with Multiple Sensors and Actuators  Raspberry Pi requires 5v 2.5A Power Supply, hence LDNIO is the best power supply for raspberry pi.

It has two USB ports makes it convenient to use with other additional devices along with Raspberry pi. Both USB Ports are rated at 5V 2.4A.

LDNIO 5V 2.4A  Raspberry Pi power supply comes with AUTO-ID TECHNOLOGY  which Recognizes the electronic device and maximizes charging efficiency. This will safeguard the Raspberry pi by avoiding excess current draw from Raspberry pi ports.

It is also compatible with Apple devices, Android devices, Power Banks and various digital devices.

*Note “If LDNIO is not in stock you will get suitable 5V 2.4A Power Supply from other Brand”


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