L Clamp for DC Gear Motor (Bracket)-2pcs

L Clamp for DC Gear Motor (Bracket)-2pcs

L Clamp for DC Gear Motor (Bracket)-2pcs

38.00 (32.20 + GST)

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38.00 (32.20 + GST)

  1. Material: Mild Steel
  2. Thickness: 2 mm
  3. Motor Mounting Hole: 13.5 mm
  4. Bracket Mounting Hole: 3 mm
  5. Weight: 26 gm (each)
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This motor mounting bracket is designed for Center Shaft Gear Motor to make the motor mounting easier and faster.

The clamps serve as the fundamental parts when it comes to chassis. With this Center Shaft Gear Motor L Clamp (Bracket) motor mounting will become very convenient.

The L Clamp bracket is compatible with our Center Shaft DC Geared Motor. The DC Motor has a nut included with it to attach with clamp, you have to attach the clamp with the chassis using some screws.

Applications :
  1. DC motor position / velocity control
  2. Position and velocity servomechanisms
  3. Factory automation robots
  4. Numerically controlled machinery
  5. Computer printers and plotters
Motor mounting side
  • Height: 40 mm
  • Width: 40 mm
Bracket mounting side
  • Length: 40 mm
  • Width: 24 mm

Features :

  1. Specially designed for Center Shaft Gear Motor.
  2. Possess good stability and durability.

Package Includes :

2 x L Clamp for DC Gear Motor (Bracket)


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