4 Channel Solid State 5V Relay

4 Channel Solid State 5V Relay

4 Channel Solid State 5V Relay

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559.00 (473.73 + GST)

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A solid state relay is similar to a mechanical relay but used for Noiseless operations in Industries. It’s lifetime also higher as it doesn’t have any mechanical switching that can  The mechanical relay uses electromagnetic principle and makes sound while latching. The Solid state relay is Silent and safe operations (in case of circuits near Inflammable gases).

This 5V 4 Channel Solid State Relay Module is capable of switching AC voltages between 100 and 240V at up to a 2A current. The module can be controlled from a 5V digital source such as an Arduino microcontroller, 8051, PIC, etc.

A resistive type fuse is provided on the module to help protect excessive current draw.

A Solid State Relay is similar to a mechanical relay where it can be controlled through a digital signal. Solid State Relay generates no noise and has a much longer lifespan in compared to the traditional mechanic relay.

Pin details:
Input part :
  1. DC+: connect the power supply positive (press the relay voltage power supply)
  2. DC-: the cathode of a power supply
  3. CH1: 1st relay module signal trigger input
  4. CH2: 2nd Relay Trigger Input
  5. CH3: 3rd Relay Trigger Input
  6. CH4: 4th Relay Trigger Input


SW1 – Switch1 External Load

SW2 – Switch2 External Load

SW3 – Switch3 External Load

SW4 – Switch4 External Load

Features :

  1. 4-Channel 2 Amp Solid State Relay board
  2. Control 4 loads of up to 2 amps each at 120V or 240V AC.
  3. Good for lighting, holiday displays etc.
  4. Has been assembled, and the electrical test passed.
  5. Led indicator for each relay.
  6. It can be controlled directly by Microcontroller
  7. Input control signal voltage:
    1. 0-0.5V the state of low-level relay OFF
    2. 0.5-3.3V Unknown State
    3. 3.3-5V high-level relay ON


Control Voltage: 3.3V to 5V DC

Supply Voltage: 5V DC

Output Terminal Load: 240V AC upto 2A.

Package Includes :

1 x 5V 4 Channel Solid State Relay Module



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