4 Channel Relay Module With Optocoupler

4 Channel Relay Module With Optocoupler

4 Channel Relay Module With Optocoupler

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190.00 (161.02 + GST)

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A relay is an electromagnetic switch used to control a high power device using a low power microcontroller boards (5V Microcontrollers). The onboard optocoupler isolates the peripheral and microcontroller to protect the main board from any reverse current. It can be used to control indoor devices like TV, Lights, Fans and more. Note that, you need to consider the power consumption of the appliance before using it. This relay module can handle up to 10A 250V AC at output and only 5V at input. It is recommended to use an external power supply for relay module. You can change the source using jumper settings in the relay module.


  • Opto-coupler based relay
  • Can be triggered at even 1.7V (suitable for 3,3V Microcontrollers)
  • 4 Channels to control 4 devices
  • Relay and Input are isolated. Hence the board will not get affected by the output devices.
  • Jumper settings to choose the power supply configuration.

Pin details:


Gnd – Ground

IN1 – Input pin 1

IN2 – Input pin 2

IN3 – Input pin 3

IN4 – Input pin 4

Vcc – 5V power supply


NC – Normally Closed

COM – Common

NO – Normally Open


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