16×2 LCD with I2C (Soldered)- Green

16×2 LCD with I2C (Soldered)- Green

16×2 LCD with I2C (Soldered)- Green

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265.00 (224.58 + GST)

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16×2 LCD is an Alphanumeric display that can show up to 32 characters on a single screen. You can display more characters by scrolling the texts one by one. The I2C Module is used to reduce the no. of pins needed for the display. It enables the display to work with only four pins.

The LCD Display can be used with all Microcontroller boards like 8051, AVR, Arduino, PIC, and ARM Microcontrollers.

Most projects require an LCD display to communicate with the user in a better way. Some projects required to display warnings, errors, Sensor values, State of the input and output device, Selecting different modes of operations, Time and date display, Alert message and many more. This will give the project a better view and its operation in a more visual way.

A 16×2 LCD means it can display 16 characters per line and there are 2 such lines. In this LCD each character is displayed in 5×7 pixel matrix. This LCD has two registers, namely, Command and Data.

The command register stores the command instructions given to the LCD. A command is an instruction given to LCD to do a predefined task like initializing it, clearing its screen, setting the cursor position, controlling display etc.

The data register stores the data to be displayed on the LCD. The data is the ASCII value of the character to be displayed on the LCD.

Package Includes:

1 x 16×2 LCD with I2C (Soldered) – Blue


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