TFMini-S Micro LiDAR Sensor for UAV UAS Robots (12m)

TFMini-S Micro LiDAR Sensor for UAV UAS Robots (12m)

TFMini-S Micro LiDAR Sensor for UAV UAS Robots (12m)

3,363.00 (2,850.00 + GST)

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3,363.00 (2,850.00 + GST)

  1. Operating Range is 0.1 ~ 12m
  2. Supply Voltage – 5V
  3. Frame Rate is 10 – 1000Hz
  4. Operating Temperature is 0℃~60℃
  5. Communication Interface – UART
  6. Accuracy – ±6cm@(0.1-6m), ±1%@(6m-12m)
  7. FOV – 2°
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TFmini-S is a single-point ranging LiDAR based on the TFmini upgrade. The blind zone is shortened from 30cm to 10cm, the outdoor performance and accuracy of different reflectivity are improved. The distance range is not disturbed by ambient light, which can be consistent with the indoor range and the accuracy is further optimized. The error performance at 10% reflectivity approaches the background of 90% reflectivity, and the interface supports UART and I2C switching at any time. It can achieve stable, accuracy, sensitive and high-frequency range detection.


  1. Small size
  2. Lightweight
  3. Low power consumption
  4. High frame rate(up to 1000Hz)


  1. Unidirectional ranging LiDAR.
  2. Obstacle avoidance.
  3. Assisted landing.
  4. Terrain following.
  5. Robots outdoor obstacle avoidance.
  6. Intelligent parking. Crane operations.
  7. Vehicle position sensing.
  8. Vehicle detection for barrier gate control.
  9. High-precision & High-speed measurement.
  10. Eye-safe infrared LED light.
  11. Compact size, lightweight.
  12. Good performance for height fixing and terrain-following drones.

Package Includes:

1 x TFMini-S Micro LiDAR Distance Sensor

1 x Cable

1 x QC card


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