Soil Sensor with 2M Cable 3pin Probes RS485 Output Humidity

Soil Sensor with 2M Cable 3pin Probes RS485 Output Humidity

Soil Sensor with 2M Cable 3pin Probes RS485 Output Humidity

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2,599.00 (2,202.54 + GST)

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A soil sensor with a 2-meter cable and 3-pin probes, featuring RS485 output and humidity measurement capabilities, is a device designed for monitoring and analyzing soil conditions. The primary function of the device is to measure various parameters related to soil conditions. This can include moisture content, temperature, and possibly other factors like salinity or conductivity. The sensor comes with a 2-meter cable, allowing for flexibility in installation. This length provides the user with the ability to place the sensor at a reasonable distance from the monitoring or control system.

The sensor uses 3-pin probes to make contact with the soil. These probes are likely designed to penetrate the soil easily and make reliable measurements. RS485 is a standard for serial communication in industrial applications. The RS485 output means that the sensor can communicate with other devices or a central control system using this protocol. This allows for data transmission over longer distances and is often used in applications where multiple sensors need to be connected in a network. In addition to soil-related parameters, the sensor also measures humidity. This is crucial information for understanding the overall environmental conditions affecting plant growth and soil health.

The RS485 communication feature enhances its utility by allowing integration into larger sensor networks or systems for more comprehensive data analysis and management.


  1. Water-saving agricultural irrigation, meteorological monitoring
  2. Greenhouses, flowers, and vegetables, grassland pastures, soil testing
  3. Plant culture, scientific experiments, etc., where soil moisture needs to be measured


  1. Easy to measure, not only for professionals but also for non-professionals, just insert the instrument into the soil to measure.
  2. High precision, fast speed measurement, accuracy up to within 2%, and increased stability, more accurate data.
  3. The resolution is up to 1mg/kg (mg/l), on-site quick inspection, easy to carry, and can be read by inserting into the soil.
  4. Portable measurement, accurate grasp of the soil fertility status, the user can measure the soil condition at any time, and according to the soil condition, the soil fertility can be balanced to achieve a suitable growth environment for the plant.
  5. The sensor uses high-quality chips, low power consumption, high sensitivity and stable signal.
  6. IP68 grade waterproof and dustproof, to ensure the normal operation of components for a long time. Good sealing performance to prevent moisture from entering the interior of the instrument.
  7. High-quality probe, rust resistance, electrolytic resistance, and salt and alkali corrosion resistance, to ensure the long-term operation of the probe part. Therefore, it is suitable for all kinds of soil.
  8. Suitable for agricultural production, greenhouse breeding, orchard nursery, and soil research.
  9. It is suitable for the detection of alkaline soil, acid soil, substrate soil, seedling bed soil, and coconut bran soil.
  10. Measuring range: 0 to 2000mg
  11. Baud rate: 2400/4800/9600

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1 x Soil Sensor with 2M Cable 3pin Probes RS485 Output Humidity


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