Seeeduino V4.0 (Atmega 328P)

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Seeeduino V4.0 (Atmega 328P)

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Product Description

Seeeduino is Arduino compatible board. Based on Duemilanove Schematic, 100% compatible to its existing program, shield and IDEs. On the hardware part, remarkable changes are taken to improve the flexibility and user experience.
  • Inherits all of Arduino Duemilanuve’s features.
  • Compatible to Duemilanuve’s pin layout, screw hole and dimensions.
  • Evolved with SMD components
  • Improved on extensibility and convenience
  • Change JST connector to DC Jack connector
What’s updated:
  • V3.0
    • change JST connector to DC Jack connector
  • V2.2
    • USB/EXT power auto select
    • Upgrade power capacitor
    • Clean up layouts
    • Reset easier
    • Real Quartz Crystal
    • Extern power Diode change to 1N4004(more power on Vin pin)
  • V2.12
    • Zero external power consumption when switched off
    • Stronger Switches
    • Second power supply for 5V direct input. [Caution] USE 5V ONLY!
    • 150mA driver capacity under 3.3V
    • 1.0mm slim PCB for lighter weighs
    • Extra row reserved for pin headers
  • V1.1
    • Fixed bug – unnessesary via on Pin4 wire.
    • Fixed bug – Lable mistakenly covered by switches.
    • Added I2C and sensor port.
    • Added an 100uF capacitor for vcc switch.
    • Grouped new 100mil grid pins.
    • Replaced reset buttons with metal ones.
    • Rearranged texts and lables for clearer indications.


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