M5*15mm Nylon Screw 10 QTY

M5*15mm Nylon Screw 10 QTY

M5*15mm Nylon Screw 10 QTY

20.00 (16.95 + GST)

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20.00 (16.95 + GST)

  • Type: M5 (5.0mm Diameter)
  • Material: Nylon
  • Screw Length: 15mm
  • Screw Head Style: Slotted & Round
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Nylon is one of the most popular plastics that can be used in many industrial applications and manufacturers. As a fastener, this material is especially suited for electronics. Manufacturers like nylon fasteners because they don’t burn instead they melt – which makes them desirable when producing fire-resistant products.

Note: Images may differ from actual product in terms of color Tone.


  1. Rust Free
  2. High-Tensile strength.
  3. Higher Wear Resistance than Aluminium.
  4. Excellent Resistance to some chemicals and hydrocarbons.
  5. Provides a High amount of insulation.

Package Includes:

1 x M5*15mm Nylon Screw 10 QTY


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