Arduino Sensor Shield V5.0 Expansion Board

Arduino Sensor Shield V5.0 Expansion Board


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Product Description

Arduino sensor shield V5.0 expansion board simplifies the complex sensor connections. It provides a plug and play interface to arduino and sensors.  A sensor requires only a general 3P sensor wire (regardless of digital cable or analog cable)

Arduino Uno Sensor Shield V5.0 allows you to connect to various modules like sensors, servos, relays, buttons, potentiometers and Bluetooth module communication interface,128×64 LCD Parallel Interface, 128×64 LCD Serial Interface, SD card module communication interface, APC220 RF communication interface and ultrasonic sensor interface.

Each Port has 3 pins which are connected to GVS – (Ground), (Vcc + 5 V) and (Signal).

Buckled brick cables are used to make connections between module and sensor shield which makes the connections easier, secure and more professional looking.


  • PIN13 LED Pilot
  • Digital IO Ports D0-D13
  • Analog IO Ports A0-A5
  • Reset Button
  • Power In
  • Power LED
  • SD Card Interface
  • Ultrasonic Interface
  • RS232 Interface(TTL)
  • Bluetooth Interface
  • APC220 Interface
  • IIC Interface
  • 12864 LCD Parallel Interface
  • 12864 LCD Serial Interface


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