5 Pcs SG90-9g Tower Pro Servo

5 Pcs SG90-9g Tower Pro Servo

5 Pcs SG90-9g Tower Pro Servo

599.00 (507.63 + GST)

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599.00 (507.63 + GST)

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Product Description

SG90 is a Silicon Gear Servo, It is a cheap and basic servo for DIY Projects like door lock, robotic hands, etc. If you are looking for a more powerful servo then check the MG90 Metal Gear Servo and MG995 Servos.

This servo can rotate upto 180 Degree Rotation.


  1. Model: SG90 (Silicon Gear)
  2. Weight: 9 gm
  3. Operating voltage: 3.0V~ 7.2V
  4. Servo Plug: JR
  5. Stall torque @4.8V : 1.2kg-cm

How to use Tutorial and Links:

Servo Motor with Arduino

RFID Door lock with Voice | RC522 | Arduino | DFPlayer

Package includes:

5 x Tower Pro SG90-9g Servo for Arduino


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