24V DC Solenoid Door Lock

24V DC Solenoid Door Lock

24V DC Solenoid Door Lock

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530.00 (449.15 + GST)

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24 Volt DC Solenoid Door Lock for doors, shelves, Cabinets, Wooden Doors, etc. It works on electromagnetic as well as mechanical principle. This lock locks the door when the door is closed manually. It has a 90-degree flat edge and a 45-degree slant edge. The slanted edge is used to lock the door when it reaches its lock hole. Once the power is applied the lock will get open.

It also reduces the power consumption as you need to apply voltage only when it needs to be open. In Idle it will be in lock position only and doesn’t consume any power.


  • Strong Metal Body
  • 24V DC Coil for powerful operation.
  • Rust Proof, Durable and Safe.

Package contains:

1 x 24V DC Solenoid Door Lock


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