12V 4 Channel Wireless RF Relay Module with Remote Control

12V 4 Channel Wireless RF Relay Module with Remote Control

12V 4 Channel Wireless RF Relay Module with Remote Control

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1,061.00 (899.15 + GST)

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This 4 Channel Wireless RF Relay can be used with Light, Fans, Home Theatre or any other home appliances to operate it wirelessly using the remote. It operates in  Momentary, Toggle, Momentary/Toggle and Latch mode. These modes can be selected by modifying the jumper settings on the receiver Module.

Each relay has 3 Terminals NO, COM and NC. In Idle state COM and NC are connected together.

Note: When Power is turned OFF (during Power Cut) the relays back to its idle position.

Features and Specifications:

  • Remote Distance:100m /300ft (Theoretical value)
  • Working Voltage: DC12V -/+ 10%
  • Relay Rating: up to 10A 250V AC, 10A 30V DC.
  • Relay Coil Voltage: 12V DC
  • Current: Standby≤10mA, Working ≤128mA
  • Receiver Frequency:315MHz/433.92MHZ
  • Max Load:10A Relay, Resistive load≤8A, Inductive load≤3A
  • Receiver Board Size:68×48×13mm
  • Case Size:75×55×30mm
  • Coding Type: Fixed
  • Jumper settings for 4 operating modes

Jumper Settings:

1+2 = Momentary: Acts like a push button. It will turn ON the relay until you keep pressing the remote button. It will turn OFF once you removed the button.

3+4 = Toggle Mode (Switch): It acts as a toggle switch. If you pressed and released the remote button, it keeps the relay in ON position until you press and release on next time

1+2/3+4 = Momentary/Toggle: In this setting, The A and B act as Toggle Mode (Switch). The C and D act as Momentary Mode.

All Open = Latch mode: In this mode, it will turn ON any one Relay at a time. All other relays will remain in OFF State. Consider a Door lock, either it will be on the left side or in the right side, Not on both sides at a time.

Learning Method:
Input power for the Receiver. Keep pressing the Learning Button until the Led indicator is ON. Then press any Button on the remote, the Led indicator OFF, then if you press any button on the remote, you can hear the relay respond, this means learning successfully.

Clearing Code:
Keep pressing the Learning Button on the receiver until the LED indicator goes from ON to OFF, it means the code has been cleared successfully.

This Package Contains

  • 1 x 4-Channel RF Wireless Receiver Module
  • 1 x 4-Channel RF Transmitter Remote


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