IOT Starter Kit – Basic

IOT Starter Kit – Basic

IOT Starter Kit – Basic


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The IOT Starter Kit – Basic, consists of components for getting started with the IoT. You can choose your favorite micro-controller board from the drop-down. The components included in the kit will work with all the micro-controllers.

1 x Micro-Controller (Choose your Microcontroller in Dropdown)

1 x BME280/BMP280 Sensor

1 x 4 Channel Relay Module

1 x LCD 16 x2 Display

1 x I2C For 16×2 LCD Display


1 x Level Shifter 4 Channel

1 x LDR

1 x DHT22 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

1 x 7805 Voltage Regulator IC

1 x LM317 Adjustable Voltage Regulator

1 x Berg Strips (Header) 1 x 40 Male

1 x Berg Strips (Header) 1 x 40 Female

1 x 10K Potentiometer Small

1 x 47K Potentiometer Big + Knob

10 x LED Red

10 x LED Green

10 x LED Blue

10 x LED Yellow

40PCS x Jumper Wires M-M

40PCS x Jumper Wires M-F

40PCS x Jumper Wires F-F

1 x Breadboard Power Supply

2 x Half Breadboard MB102 (Have to attach two breadboards together for Mainboards Complete Pin usage)

2 x Buzzer

5 x Push Buttons

15 x Resistors 220E, 1K, 10K (5 Each)

5 x Capacitors

1 x SG90 Sevo Motor

1 x Single Strand Wire Pack

1 x PIR Sensor

1 x microUSB Cable

1 x 9V Battery

1 x Battery Snap

1 x DC Jack Male

1 x DC Jack with PCB Terminals

Additional information

Choose your Microcontroller

ESP32D-DevKitC, ESP32 Dev Board, NodeMCU


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